Thinking of a new kitchen this year? Here are our thoughts on what 2021 will bring in worktop trends and as always, get in touch with us to start your design process.


White Quartz Worktop Cleaning Guide

2020 thrust hygiene to the centre of many people’s decisions and 2021 will see that being a big focus in the kitchen space. Solid stone surfaces such as Quartz and Sintered Stone are naturally antibacterial and are among the cleanest options available.


Also at the forefront of people’s minds is the environment and sustainability. Sintered Stone manufacturer Neolith has taken huge steps in 2020 to become a carbon neutral company. Not only that, but their Sintered Stone products are 100% recyclable, with up to 52% of each slab being made from recycled material. Want to find out more about Sintered Stone? Check out our Ultimate Sintered Stone Guide.

Black is the new Black

Caesarstone’s New Empira Black

If there is one big colour trend for 2021, then it has got to be the colour black. Multiple Quartz and Sintered Stone manufacturers launched new black colours towards the end of 2020. Examples include Caesarstone’s Art of Darkness range of three new blacks, and Neolith’s Layla as part of their Six·S range.

Matt Worktops

Caesarstone’s Rugged Concrete

These have become more and more popular in recent years and 2021 will be no exception. Most sintered stone finishes are matt but granite and quartz are usually polished. Matt/ Honed options are now plentiful, especially for industrial colours such as slate and concrete.

Be careful though, as they can be more difficult to keep clean.

Bright and Bold Designs

Neolith Amazonico

Years ago, you could buy quartz worktops in wacky and bold colours. But more recently these have been replaced with more muted and monotone colours. Loud statement designs are on the way back though and using these colours for an island etc. can really make your kitchen unique. Check out Unistone’s Thunder Blue or Neolith’s new Amazonico.