Designing a new kitchen can be a stressful and difficult experience, especially when it comes to visualising the final product. We are constantly aiming to improve your design experience with us and our new slab imaging software from Slabsmith is the latest innovation for us to introduce.

This new feature is for the more expressive slabs, as uniform designs won’t usually benefit from the service.

How it Works

When you come in to visit us, we will work with you to find your perfect worktop based on your preferred design ideas and features. This process starts in our showroom and will move out into our yard to see your chosen material (or materials) in slab form.

Slab Photograph of Viscount White Granite

Once your order is placed with us we will either order your slabs (if manufactured stone) or reserve the slab you have seen in our yard (natural stone). From there, we will take the slabs into our imaging suite where they will be photographed using a high-resolution camera under carefully calibrated lighting.

Soon after, a member of our Templating team will come and visit you and take a laser template of your kitchen. They will also make sure you are happy with things like edge details and joint locations. Once this template is submitted back to us, we can super-impose your slab images onto your new worktop dimensions.

A member of our team will talk you through your worktop design

In a follow up appointment, we will invite you back in to sit down with one of our designers and work out how your slabs will be cut. This will then be sent down to be cut exactly as designed and soon after, will be installed in your kitchen, with no surprises!

If you require anymore information then please get in touch with us or visit us in our Newton Abbot showroom.

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